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Exploring the establishment of modern enlightenment based on reason, liberty, science, technology, and progress.

The Enlightenment was about the maturity of society and individuals. Some look to government to guide them. Others look to the leaders of their tribes, however, they define them. The Enlightenment invited everyone to think for themselves.

In order for this to work we have to defend speech, communication, privacy, and reason itself.

Reason and facts to drive decision making
Personal emotions, sensitivities, of any individual or group have merit within most discussions, but should not override facts and science.

Liberty starts with the individual
Individual rights and equality over tribalism of all sorts.

Science and Technology
As science and technology progresses we can use it to preserve and ensure liberty and decisions based on reason.

What’s the point of this?

Western society must protect its own founding values. These values still exist within both the “left” and the “right”. The core is the protection of free speech and the freedom to listen and debate. The opportunity here is to bring together the moderate left and moderate right pro-freedom individuals together to create practical solutions for society under the banner of Neoenlightenment.

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